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Specialized Construction Products & Solutions


DRIZORO, S.A. is a manufacturer of chemical products for the construction industry, with specialty products designed for the waterproofing, restoration, flooring and decorative finishes, their Headquarters and production plant is based in Torrejon de Ardoz (Madrid) Spain.



Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. has vast and long experience on dust suppressant formulation, manufacturing and application experience. Extensive research and development have resulted in products that are on the cutting edge of performance and environmental technology.


SABA is an independent international manufacturer of high-quality adhesives and sealants for industrial and construction purposes. SABA is located in Dinxperlo, in the Eastern part of the Netherlands near Germany’s industrial heartland.


Abesco Fire Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of Passive Fire Protection Products. We produce a range of products suited to a wide variety of applications and hold International testing and certification.

Abesco products can be manufactured to meet project specific requirements where standard production specifications may not fulfil all a clients needs. Abesco operates its own fire test furnace and project specific fire testing can be arranged for particular site configurations.

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Natural Stone & Finishing


Working with natural stone is Bateig’s specialty, providing a perfect finish where balance and quality are combined to create unique environments.


Oy Lunawood Ltd is an innovative pioneer in the thermal modification of wood and has grown to be the global Thermowood® market leader.


Nadis Design offers a unique selection of high quality porcelain tiles that perfectly fits modern architecture. Nadis’s main inspiration for their products is special environments and noble natural materials.

Nadis offers 6 collections that are inspired by the beauty and purity of mother earth , Tiffany Perpetual, Mondo, Jura, Arcitic and Croma.

The design of Nadis collections reflects both the present and the future. Nadis tiles amalgamate with nature and add a timeless elegance to the space. In addition to these collections, Nadis have a team of great highly experienced professionals on the sector who are ready to provide support to our costumers and to offer personalized services and superior quality.

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Slate Lite

Slate-Lite is a paperthin real stone veneer. The 100% natural stone surface is enforced from the back with fiberglass for better stability and easy processing.

To produce Slate-Lite the most beautiful slate blocks from around the world are chosen: With our revolutionary method it’s possible to produce many very thin stone layers from a massive slate blocks of up to 5 tons.

During manufacturing the fiberglass carrier is applied in liquid form to the slate block and the thin stone layer is peeled off manually.

The paperthin slate by Slate-Lite is not only characterized by the beautiful natural colors and structures but also by it’s other properties:

Slate-Lite is due to it’s thinness completely flexible.

Slate is also very light: It weighs just 1,5 kg per m², which also significantly reduces transport costs compared to massive stone slabs and also helps to reduce the degradation of natural resources.

All chemical components of Slate-Lite are harmless to health and correspond to the highest quality standards.

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Theming & Recreational Facilities


Arte in Situ is a connecting multifunctional tool at the symbiosis of two different dynamic systems, where the formal and geometrical Architecture forms, interacting with the conceptual idea shapes and the obligatory final result is the Object of Art.


AngelEye was established by a team of people with a background in IT, technology, swimming pool safety and rescue techniques.